the_proud (the_proud) wrote in lj_russian,

плз... последние 2 процента текста... никак сам не могу перевести....

1. Fuel panel bore cleaning
*Seat track grinding & blending
*Remove air conditioning pack
* Fuel vapor barrier
* Pax door check

2. Main landing gear non routines
lightning strike non-routines, aircraft pack, tail, rudder, auxiliary
power unit

3. Dinol forward/AFT lav and galley
AFT galley under floor/cargo

4. LPS (corrosion inhibiting compound) main landing gear wheel wells

5. Install air conditioning pack and distribution ducting
* Start installing fuel panels

6. Install floorboards, sidewalls, kick panels, ceilings, carpet, cabin seats and seat track covers

7. Leak check cabin distribution ducts in cabin floor and forward cargo
* эксплутационные проверки утечки
* check aircraft pack
* Leak check wing anti-ice
* Ducts and anti-ice трубопроводная арматура
* проверка запасного источника питаия
* Ducts back to check valve
* Pressurize with nitrogen from check valve back for leak check
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