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Helfen Sie mir!

Aside from these, there are a few other simple precautions users should take to help secure their LiveJournal sessions.

1. If you are using a computer that other people may have access to, your login should be set to SESSION ONLY, so that it will expire when you close your browser (requiring you to manually login the next time you use LiveJournal).

If your login is currently set to NEVER expire, or auto login, you can change it back to SESSION ONLY simply by clicking the "Logout" link at the top right hand corner of the main LiveJournal website: http://www.livejournal.com
AND closing your browser.

Помогите перевести этот кусок. Затык у меня на нем.
"SESSION ONLY" и "NEVER" я перевел как "ТЕКУЩИЙ СЕАНС" и "БЕССРОЧНЫЙ" соотв.

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