November 30th, 2005

dear diary

FAQ 117

Please, please update the translation of FAQ 117. I've asked this before (March 6) with no result. So I decided to beg once more. Can someone please do it? It was totally rewritten and makes so much more sense now than this old version.

In particular, the Russian translation says the first thing to do is:

Если кто-то взломал ваш аккаунт, первым делом зайдите на страницу и проверьте, был ли сменён ваш адрес e-mail.

Obviously, if the password was changed and you don't know it, you can't go to Edit Info page to check this. So immediately there's a problem. The English version now has the right steps in the right sequence.

This FAQ is very important to let people know how to resecure their accounts in cases of break-in. We need it re-translated.

And I'm not up to it myself.