Constance - Make tea, not war (camomiletea) wrote in lj_russian,
Constance - Make tea, not war

Currently howto_in_ru doesn't have many customization tutorials. I think that FAQ 138 should still contain a link to the English howto. howto_in_ru may be left as an addition, but it cannot replace howto, yet. Some people may know enough English to get by, or just to copy the codes.
Tags: faq, faq-138, save

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    Посмотрел на Исправил: pay.vgift.clover "Клевер наудачу" -> "Клевер на удачу".…

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    Коллеги, отчего при зачислении юзеров в сообщество на кнопке написано "Обновить настройки"? По-английски там "Update settings". Imho, должно быть…

  • sev 1

    [faq] 262.3summary [faq] 263.3summary

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